Green Light Aid and Development


Green Light Aid and Development is a New Mexico Non-Profit Corporation, with 501 (c) 3 status in the US.  We provide aid and advocacy for the prisons in Honduras, Central America.  

Our primary beneficiaries are guards and indigent inmates in Honduras.  At our work sites in Honduras, we provide donations to guard dormitories, including soap, towels, and t-shirts.  Prisons in Honduras are routinely overcrowded and understaffed.  Guards work 12 - hour shifts in the same conditions as inmates.  Green Light is working to provide direct aid as well as training and other institutional support to prison centers in Honduras.

We provide direct aid, including hygiene and cleaning products, food and medicine to indigent inmates at our work sites in Honduras.  We support occupational therapy workshops, rehabilitation services, educational services and other opportunities for inmates.

Green Light Aid also provides transitional assistance to incarcerated clients who are nearing their release.  In Honduras, we provide released inmates with shelter, job training and interviews, micro-credits for self-employment, and group and individual therapy.